Remediating Endangered Lamprey Habitat in British Columbia – Wade & MacConnachie

Stream remediation was undertaken at two impassable fish obstacles in Morrison Creek in Courtenay, British Columbia. These barriers were identified as impassable to the endangered Morrison Creek lamprey (Lampetra richardsoni variety marifuga) and a seasonal impediment to the movement of salmonids. The success of this remediation was not only in the removal of barriers to lamprey but in balancing the needs of multiple species of differing and sometimes conflicting habitat requirements. Community engagement was also a key outcome of the remediation with increased awareness of the protected lamprey species, hands-on interaction with stream remediation activities and the interaction and cooperation with landowners. What remains to be determined is if these remediation activities can slow or reverse the decline observed in catches of Morrison Creek lamprey.

Remediating Endangered Lamprey Habitat in BC

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