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Feature Article – Space2Place – An E-Learning Module to Empower Stakeholders of UNESCO Sites – Matusch et al. 2018

With World Heritage Sites, Biosphere Reserves and Global Geoparks, the UNESCO has declared a huge variety of places that are worth being preserved in almost all countries. An increasing number of these sites are “in Danger”, being affected by environmental processes, or impacted by climate change and human devastation. The adaptive e-learning module Space2Place gives…

Poaching in the Mount Elgon Trans-Boundary Ecosystem – Shikuku et al. 2018

This article assesses poaching in the Mount Elgon trans-boundary eco-system. The study employed a social survey research design. One hundred households were sampled and interviewed using questionnaires. Secondary data was collected from KWS and UWA wildlife offices and key informants in Kenya and Uganda. Household survey results showed that the wildlife class mostly targeted in…

Learning the role of biodiversity monitoring in a biosphere reserve – Vasseur 2018

Biosphere reserves have long been considered a place for learning about the environment, biodiversity and conservation, and sustainable development. While environmental education can be one of their man- dates, many other institutions or organizations can play a contributing role in this matter. In this paper, I present how my UNESCO Chair and Brock University decided…