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Lessons from the Cascade Head Biosphere Reserve, Oregon, USA – Byers, 2020

Cascade Head Biosphere Reserve is Oregon’s only biosphere reserve. It was one of the first group of U.S. biosphere reserves established in 1976 and is one of only two administered by the U.S. Forest Service among the 28 biosphere reserves that remain in the U.S. MAB network. With its complex social and ecological landscape, Cascade…

Reaching common ground: The potential for interagency collaboration in UNESCO biosphere reserves – Ostrem and Hvenegaard, 2020

In an increasingly urbanized and degraded world, protected areas provide opportunities for people to connect with nature. Biosphere reserves strive for coexistence between the conservation of biodiversity and sustainable development practices through people and agencies living and working in harmony with nature at a regional scale. This article explores the potential for collaboration among stakeholders…

Research at North Bull Island UNESCO Biosphere, 2020

North Bull Island, due to its international scientific importance for flora and fauna and also its close proximity to the capital city and many national universities, has long been a resource for education and scientific discovery. Since the establishment of the Biosphere in 1981, there has been a substantial body of work produced by Irish…