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The role and contribution of educational activities in UNESCO Mountain Biosphere Reserves – Gower et. al, 2022

The provision of educational activity in BRs is officially guided by Education for Sustainable Development (ESD), a UNESCO endorsed education programme. However, the independence accorded to BRs, and the diversity of circumstances they represent, mean they also innovate educational activities to reflect local characteristics. In addition, the ways in which Mountain Biosphere Reserves (MBRs), specifically,…

Updates to the EuroMab Literature Database 2021-2022 – Gledhill, 2022

The EuroMab Literature Database starting in 2021 has had significant updates to the overall database. This article details the significant updates and changes that has occurred to the database during 2021 to March 2022 period. [pdf-embedder url="" title="1-Updates to the EuroMab Literature Database 2021-2022"]