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Feature Article – Space2Place – An E-Learning Module to Empower Stakeholders of UNESCO Sites – Matusch et al. 2018

With World Heritage Sites, Biosphere Reserves and Global Geoparks, the UNESCO has declared a huge variety of places that are worth being preserved in almost all countries. An increasing number of these sites are “in Danger”, being affected by environmental processes, or impacted by climate change and human devastation. The adaptive e-learning module Space2Place gives…

Feature Article – The Establishment of a Database on Current Research in UNESCO Biosphere Reserves: Limitations and Opportunities – Shaw et al. 2017

The investigation into current research on biosphere reserves is complex and multi-faceted. Numerous factors, including the widespread interests of those publishing on biosphere reserves, publication methods, author languages, and the peculiarity of various search engines makes the determination of gaps, patterns, and opportunities in research a convoluted task. To respond to the question “what is…