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Sustaining Home is the companion eBook for Striking Balance— an 8x50 minute documentary series that goes coast to coast — combining aerial, motion capture time-lapse, and nature photography to create a stunning picture of Canada’s biosphere reserves. Sustaining Home delves even deeper into our biosphere reserves - getting at the heart of what biosphere reserves…

Citizen Science in the Bras d’Or Lake Biosphere – Hatcher

The Bras d‘Or Lake and watershed is a 3,566 km2 region of forest, freshwater and marine ecosystems in the centre of Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia, Canada. The estuary occupies 31% of the Bras d’Or Lake Biosphere and the watershed is thinly populated, with about 6 human residents per square kilometer (2006 census). The evolving…

Remediating Endangered Lamprey Habitat in British Columbia – Wade & MacConnachie

Stream remediation was undertaken at two impassable fish obstacles in Morrison Creek in Courtenay, British Columbia. These barriers were identified as impassable to the endangered Morrison Creek lamprey (Lampetra richardsoni variety marifuga) and a seasonal impediment to the movement of salmonids. The success of this remediation was not only in the removal of barriers to…